Out Deh! Yaadcore's New 'Roots Dawta' Mixtape Out Now

Written by Dutty Bookman

If you've been paying proper attention to the movement in reggae over the past half decade, then you would have come across the works of Rory Cha, more commonly recognized as radical roots selector, Yaadcore. His Hail Ras Tafari mix series has been essential fodder for droves of searching youths who are investigating the Rastafari way of life (or just really love good, organic music). The recent Volume 3 of that very series could easily be called sheer brilliance, and it would be hard to argue with that.

Nevertheless, Yaadcore has fired off another musical round in quick succession. This time he explores a feminine theme in tribute to the conscious empresses so highly valued by the contemporary Rasta man. In keeping with that intent, the vast majority of the selections on the mix, aptly titled Roots Dawta, feature mainly women singers and chanters, especially those of the currently rising generation. Any men included are there only to exemplify the respect that alpha must have for omega in order to approach perfect balance.

Listen to Roots Dawta here and also get a hold of physical copies for the good sistrens in your life. Jah bless!

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